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We’ll keep it simple

Mutual Respect summarises the whole idea of this forum. We're all grown-ups or know how to behave like one.

This means:
- No shouting (needless use of CAPS)
- No offending
- No referring to off-topic sites
- Only one account per person is permitted
- No pretending to be someone else
- No plagiarism
- No advertising, no spamming

1. First breach of these rules will result in a two-week ban from this forum.
2. Second breach of these rules will result in removal of your profile.
Preferred languages: English and Dutch. Any other language is permitted but will be moderated.

 New members will be vetted in the Stop Forum Spam black lists! 
(Yes, RegularRocker has to deal with that too. It's sort of a recognition!)

No personal information left behind on this site will be shared with any other parties--not even accidentally. Regular Rocker and Liberteq hosting are doing the utmost to keep this safe safe and spam free.

Go ahead!

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