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rren. De zomermaanden zullen we daarom onze aandacht richten op Nederlandse en Belgische b...
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Crossfire, BODINE and Accept on stage

A review by OOR Magazine
1982-08-25 OOR Bodine Helden live review tn16 September 2012: Muziekkrant OOR spent a couple of lines on the gig Bodine played on August 11, 1982 in Helden. What you're about to read is brief and slightly complimentary. Cherry-picking around in the review, regularrocker concluded that "captivating" is the key word here! What you don't get: a set list, a description of the atmosphere, reactions from the audience, or the time Bodine spent on stage. Dutch version and English version here.   


Bold As Brass reviewed by Muziek Expres

1982-08 Muziek Expres Bold As Brass review9 September 2012: Dutch Muziek Expres magazine reviewed Bodine's second album. Not a very well substantiated review, but positive nonetheless! Dutch version and English version (text only).



Bold As Brass reviewed by OOR

1982-08-11 OOR Bodine-Bold As Brass review tnBold As Brass review (English) by OOR
3 September 2012: OOR Magazine's Harry van Nieuwenhoven worte a review about Bold As Brass (Dutch) that was published on August 11, 1982. Not a very prompt review, since the album was out a couple of weeks already. Harry is none too positive about the album. RegularRocker is none to positive about the review, which is quite illegible due to the long sentences and subordinate clauses. However, Harry praised the live reputation of Bodine and that's worth something. Alas, Harry is no longer among us. He suddenly passed away in November 2004. Judging from his annual album lists, it is obvious that metal was not among his favourite genre.
What do you think about the article? Here's your opportunity to have your say about the press. Specifically for this purpose, a new category was started in the Forum!

Bodine Fan magazine no. 003 online
30 years ago
1982-07 Bodine Fanmagazine 00329 August 2012: Better now than later, RegularRocker republishes the third issue of the Bodine Fan Magazine that was first published in July 1982. In this issue, a gig review by Gerard Haitsma and an interview with Iron Anthony Lucassen, aka Ayreon. Mind you: this is the first interview with Arjen ever published in history!!! From the issue it also becomes clear that the price was lowered from 2.50 guilders to 1.50. And Marcel and Han changed the  spelling from fan clup to fan club!

Unofficial (un)releases
26 August 2012: A new article on the unoffical Bodine releases was published here. It also has a background story of the Mk-IV demo. This article is the most complete overview of Bodine bootlegs thus far, including stuff that has been found but not yet been released!

Album review in Hitkrant
1982-06-10 Hitkrant Bodine-Bold As Brass review tn29 June 2012: 30 years ago, Hitkrant published an edition featuring Diana Ross on the Cover. Diana Ross!!!? In case you wonder what she's doing on this site, it also featured a review on Bold As Brass. Well worth noticing!
In Dutch and in English!

25 May 2012: Bodine received airtime on Stampij, presented by guest host Alfred Lagarde's (from Betonuur) to introduce the album BOLD AS BRASS. New members Axel Langemeijer and Iron Anthony Lucassen were on the show, along with Gerard Haitsma and Armand van der Hoff. It's not clear if Rheno was present as well. Metal Mike van Rijswijk was on the show too, making an anouncement about where to book the band. "Heavy Rain" and "Rock Machine" were aired for the first time. The atmosphere in the studio was exhilarating, at one point Alfred Lagarde doens't seem to know how to keep the band in control (Axel: "Are we on air?"). Listen to the excerpt here, it's great fun:


Thanks to Han Hijzelendoorn and Paul Evers of Time is Running Productions!
The broadcast must have taken place somewhere in April 1982. Who knows the exact date? Get in touch with and tell us!

B O D I N E   G I G   R E V I E W
1982-05 Aardschok no.12 Bodine live review tn10 May 2012: After weeks of silence in the press, an article was published by Aardschok Magazine about Bodine in May 1982. It's a review of the first gig Bodine played in the Mark-II line up. And what a review. Biased as Metal Mike van Rijswijk may have been (it even earned the band a picture on the cover), he was definitely swept away by Bodine's new look and sound on stage. Bodine Mk-II made a tremendous impression and blew away main act Viva at a rock festival in Bruges. The ad for Bold As Brass on the rear tops it all off. Read the entire review in Dutch here or English there!

... 1982-04-01 Hitkrant Bodine article tnwrote Hitkrant in April 1982
8 April 2012
: The mainstream music mag Hitkrant caught rumours that Bodine were in the studio recording their second album. Amidst news flashes about Meat Loaf, Iron Maiden and Normaal, the arrival of new band members had a major impact on the musical cours of the band.
Check out the Dutch and English version.

STUDIO FLASHBACK: Bodine recording their second album

1982-03-10 OOR Bodine studio report tn27 March 2012: As if he was marking the silence before the storm, OOR magazine's Kees Baars reported about the changes in the line up and the studio progress Bodine Mk-II was making on their second album. The sound bites sounded promising. 30 years ago, Bodine had entered the Mk-II life phase. Find the flashes in the Dutch and English Mk-II library.

Now online: The second edition of the Bodine Fan Magazine!

1982-03 Bodine Fanmagazine 002 tn

18 March 2012: Soon after the first edition of the Bodine Fan magazine appeared in November 1981, the editors had to conquer financial issues. Read all about it in the editorial of the second edition that came out in March 1982! It also has a profile on Armand van der Hoff and introduces two new band members! There is a studio report about the recording of BOLD AS BRASS, which contradicts the statement on the back of the album sleeve that it was recorded between April 2 and april 11 1982. Another mystery to solve for RegularRocker... Check out the Duth and English version in the Fan Clup section!

NEW PHOTO SET of BODINE Mk-II... taking shape?
1982-01 Bodine 0054 March 2012: from the immense collection of material from the Bodine fan club that was entrusted to RegularRocker, another interesting set of photos turned up! These pictures may have captured Arjen Lucassen's auditioning to join Bodine...! The reason for assumption is that Axel Langemeijer was not in sight and according to the stories passed on, Arjen was in the band a bit before Axel. Bearing this in mind, we can now witness what it may have been like when Bodine Mk-II started taking shape. Have a look yourself and indulge in some great photos taken 'behind the scenes' here.

The 'R'-word
3 March 2012: Every now and then, RegularRocker receives hints that Bodine should be getting together again. Some of you out there believe it would be a great idea for Bodine to reunite--even if it were only for one gig. How great it would be to see and hear the band perform those hard-rock classics live on stage once again! It would be a dream come true!
Or would it?
RegularRocker is not too sure about it. First of all, Axel is no longer among us and he is the one who performed on the most popular Bodine songs like Rock Machine and Shout. It wouldn't be easy for anyone to fill his shoes. Secondly, some former band members have taken a different path of life. Even if they could be persuaded to play on stage once more, would they play those classic hard rock songs with the same passion as they did in the eighties? Also, Gerard Haitsma is known to require high standards in making music. He is not used to doing half-assed jobs. In order to make a band sound tight on stage, the band would have to rehearse a lot to get prepared, so it would be a huge time investment as well.

These are just some reflections. RegularRocker does not have the answers. However, feel free to take this topic to the forum, and discuss it there.


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