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Een knap stukje werk m,n COMPLIMENTEN voor deze site en de mensen die eraan meegewerkt heb...
Wednesday, 19 February 2014
Jammer dat de band Bodine er niet meer is,dit was m,n eerste band die ik LIVE mee maakte i...
Wednesday, 19 February 2014
Eduardo de Souza Bonadia
Hello BODINE fans around the world.It´s great to read about the band again.I really wish s...
Tuesday, 09 April 2013

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Welcome to the site about Dutch metal pioneers Bodine! Here you'll find all you ever wanted to know about the Dutch ROCK MACHINE--including the band's history, bios of the band members, newly surfaced pictures, a list of concerts and, never published on the web before, lyrics of all songs that Bodine recorded!

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New gig date unearthed!

25 June 2013: Mark Hendriks is a neighbour to Erik van der Ven and the two of them attended a Bodine concert on 21 November 1982 in De Puttershoek, Haps. Mark's younger brother came along too. Now, 

1982-11-21 Bodine live Haps-tn


21 April 2013: A second photo set was recovered from a Bodine live gig! This comes from the treasury of MaxPower, once more (thanks)! All RegularRocker can tell is that the photos taken show the Mk-III line up. How? In one of the photos Jeronimo can be seen... Any hints or clues about the exact place and date of this gigs are most welcome!

Brasilian review of Bold As Brass!

1982 Rock Brigade no.12 Bold As Brass review tn1982 Rock Brigade no.12

9 April 2013: Eduardo de Souza Bonadia must be the metal soldier with the best sounding name in the world and he wrote a review of Bold As Brass in 1982 for the Brasilian Magazine Rock Brigade! And he sounded really enthusiastic! This article was sent to RegularRocker by one of RR's prime suppliers Shockpower. Since Brasilians speak Portuguese, the translation poses a bit of a problem. Google helped out a bit, but some inaccuracies in the English version should be taken into account. Suggestions for improvements are most welcome!


27 March 2013: As you will notice browsing around this web site, a couple of innovations have taken place. In the first place the On The Lookout section was re-created, in order to make it easier to add news and navigate in this section. Also, the site has become a bit more interactive than before. The possibility was created to leave comments on a number of articles. You can see the latest entries in the guest book on the front page in the left menu now. Hopefully